Mob Museum Renovation FAQs

See below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Museum’s expansion project. Email us at for general questions, or for media inquiries.

General Questions:


What prompted you to do the renovation, but also to include a distillery and a speakeasy in the renovation plans?

We are eager to reinvest in our future growth and create exciting new ways to advance our mission and positively impact the community. This improvement project will result in enhanced guest amenities and an even richer exhibit experience, ensuring that we remain a first-class Museum for years to come. With these efforts, we expect to increase the Museum’s reach, delivering hundreds of thousands of guests each year, many millions of dollars of economic impact, and a spotlight that keeps shining on downtown Las Vegas.

The enhanced experiences related to Prohibition will include multimedia displays, objects and artifacts, as well as a working distillery and speakeasy. The new additions will educate visitors about the singular intersection of culture, industry and organized crime that pervaded the Prohibition Era.

Will you update us on the progress of the project?

Of course. The Museum will provide regular project updates through the Museum’s website,, social media accounts, and email newsletter. You can also follow the official hashtag #MobMuseumCountdown on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
Will the Museum still host programs during construction?
Of course, programming is a huge source of pride for the Museum and a wonderful way to reach the community.

The Mob Museum is a historic building. How will you ensure you’re preserving its history?

The Mob Museum has taken great care to preserve our beautiful building—it is, after all, one of our greatest artifacts. All teams working on this expansion project will follow all local, state and federal historic preservation requirements. LG Architects, Inc., Gallagher & Associates and Chattel Inc. are contracted to work on this project.

Will the Museum remain open during the renovation?

Yes, the Museum will stay open during the renovation period.

What is the timeline for renovation?

The renovation is expected to begin in summer of 2017 and anticipated to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. We will continue to keep our website updated as the timeline evolves. Check for updates and details.


New Exhibit & Experience Questions:


What topics will be covered in your Organized Crime Today exhibit?

Topics will include: Major transnational organized crime groups such as Mexican drug cartels, Russian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza and Italian Camorra. In addition, we will discuss drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, money laundering and cybercrime. Organized crime activity will be broken down by continent and region.

What activities will your Crime Lab include?

Guests will learn how forensic criminal investigations truly operate by doing hands-on activities, including DNA analysis, fingerprinting, ballistics testing and cause of death studies.

Why offer light dining in your retail space?

We are excited to offer another amenity to our guests! The food service will enhance the overall guest experience in our Museum.

Why offer a use-of-force simulator?

As the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, our mission is “To advance the public understanding of organized crime’s history and impact on American society.” To tell the story of law enforcement’s battle with fighting crime is crucial in fulfilling our mission statement. The Museum has consulted with law enforcement professionals in Las Vegas and beyond to seek their advice on the best training practices to emulate at the Museum.

When do you expect the speakeasy and distillery to be completed and open?

The Museum’s Improvement Project enhancements are anticipated to be complete in the first quarter of 2018.

Where will the speakeasy and distillery be located?

The new Prohibition history content will be located in the Museum’s basement, which currently houses our administrative offices. We’re moving our administrative offices to another downtown location this summer.

Will they be serving cocktails from the early 20th century?

Certainly! Guests to the speakeasy will explore the world of Prohibition history, including the experience of sipping Prohibition cocktails. The birth of cocktails is just one of the many ways the Prohibition Era changed American society. The Museum is looking forward to announcing more on these exciting enhancements as the improvement project progresses.

Will it be an actual working distillery, and if so, what spirits will be made?

The new exhibit will include an actual working distillery. The Museum is looking forward to announcing the scope of its distilled spirits as the improvement project progresses.