Audio Tours

Self-Guided Audio Tour

There’s always more to the story. The 45-minute audio tour uncovers more than what you’ll see in the Museum’s exhibits. Did you know that the Secret Service, not the FBI, recorded the first Mafia takedown? That Al Capone played banjo in an Alcatraz prison band? That the Las Vegas Strip is not actually in Las Vegas? That Bob Maheu, righthand man to Howard Hughes, never met the reclusive billionaire in person? That the CIA partnered with mobsters to try to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro? That Elizebeth Friedman cracked the codes used by rumrunners during Prohibition and contributed to 650 prosecutions? Enrich your visit to The Mob Museum with these captivating stories and more.

Audio tours are currently available in English for $5.
Get your audio tour with your Museum Admission.

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