Frequently Asked Questions

It’s Best Not to Ask Too Many Questions, But We’ll Let It Slide This Time

What is the Museum’s admission price?

Visit the Museum’s Purchase Tickets page for more information on ticketing.

What are the Museum’s hours of operation?

Visit the Museum’s Hours & Directions page for more information on hours of operation.

How can I purchase tickets to The Mob Museum?

Tickets can be purchased at our box office located in the lobby of the first floor of the Museum. You may also buy tickets ahead of time online HERE.
Non-Nevada residents may purchase General Admission, Deluxe Pass and Premier Pass tickets for a $5 discount online.

What is a Happy Hour ticket?

For non-Nevada resident guests visiting the Museum after 5 p.m., Happy Hour pricing is available. Happy Hour tickets can be purchased online and at our Museum box office at anytime, but entry into the Museum is only allowed after 5 p.m.  Happy Hour pricing is $10 off each non-Nevada resident Adult General Admission, Deluxe Pass and Premier Pass ticket.

Who qualifies for the law enforcement discount?

To see a list of law enforcement eligible for a discount, please click here.

What types of tours are available?

The Museum offers self-guided and audio tours. Audio tours are available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Mandarin. Our audio tours are offered for a small fee. Check with the box office for more information. Group tours of the Museum and group walking tours also are available. Group tours of the Museum must be confirmed 72 hours in advance of your arrival. Please email or call 702.724.8622 for more information and booking.  The Mob Museum also offers a virtual tour option for those living around the world, or for those who may be physically unable to visit the Museum in person. Click here to learn more.

How long will it take to tour the Museum?

From start to finish, it could take anywhere from one to three hours to see the Museum depending on a person’s level of interest with each exhibit. Because there is a lot to see, read, watch or interact with, there may be times when guests will have to wait a few moments before seeing the next exhibit on the tour. Guests are allowed to bypass exhibits. We just ask that you be courteous to the people directly in front of you and those a little further along in the tour.

Is parking available at the Museum?

Paid parking is available at The Mob Museum for a small fee. If our lot is at capacity, additional parking may be found within very short walking distance. See this page for more information on parking.

Does the Museum have food and beverage available for purchase?

The Museum offers light snacks and coffee, located in the Museum’s 2nd floor concessions. There are also a variety of beverages available in The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery located in the Museum basement.

Is photography allowed in the Museum?

Photography is allowed in The Mob Museum. However, photography must be conducted without disruption to the Museum and without blocking the accessibility to exhibitions, entrances/exits, and high traffic areas. Flash photography is prohibited. Personal photos are not allowed in the Line-up on the third floor when a Museum photographer is present. Tripod use must be pre-approved by The Mob Museum PR department. Photos are for private use only and any commercial or other unauthorized use of any transmission, picture, film/type, writing, drawing, or other depiction or description of any Mob Museum name, mark, or logo is prohibited without prior specific written approval from The Mob Museum PR department. Please fill out a Media Filming & Photography Request Form, call 702-229-2734 or email for more information.

Does The Mob Museum offer group pricing or special event options?

Special ticket pricing is available for groups of 10 or more. The Museum also offers guided tours for guests who want a narrated, interactive history of the exhibits. Group bookings must be confirmed 72 hours in advance of arrival and payment must be made in one transaction. The Mob Museum may also be rented out for private events including weddings, parties, and various types of meetings. Group bookings must be confirmed 72 hours in advance of your arrival. Please email or call 702.724.8622 for more information and booking.

Will private group events impact operation hours or the exhibits?

Operating hours may change occasionally due to private events. Please call the Museum at 702.229.2734 or check our website for updates.

What items are not permitted inside the Museum?

The following items are not permitted in the Museum: Wagons, skateboards, shoes with built-in wheels, professional cameras and recording equipment, suitcases, large backpacks, drugs, or weapons (including firearms, knives, hazardous chemicals, explosive devices, etc).

Are children permitted to visit The Mob Museum on their own?

Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Box Office?

Guests may pay with cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or traveler’s check (U.S. currency with photo i.d.). Personal checks are not accepted.

If I am in a wheelchair, can I comfortably tour the Museum?

The Mob Museum’s exhibits were designed by nationally renowned exhibit design firm, Gallagher & Associates, to comply with accessibility guidelines created by the American Association of Museums (AAM).  The AAM’s guidelines were created specifically to help museums interpret the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) broad, and at times subjective, regulations governing accessibility.  The Museum offers a lift at the very front of the Museum, allowing guests to bypass the entry steps, we also offer elevator access to each floor of the Museum—making your visit very accessible. As a cultural attraction and public education resource, the Museum’s goal is to be as inclusive and accessible as possible; therefore, we continue to evaluate and seek ways to improve the guest experience for all visitors.

For more information see our Accessibility Page.

Are pets allowed in the museum?

With the exception of service animals (dogs and/or miniature horses), animals are not allowed in the building. Service animals which present a threat to the health or safety of other guests or staff, which aggressively bark or snap at other guests or staff, are not housebroken, or are not effectively under control, will also be excluded. Pets should not be left in parked cars for any length of time. All service animals must be kept on a leash.

Can I shop in the gift shop without paying admission?

Yes, shoppers should check in at the box office when they arrive.

Is there a minimum age for the Crime Lab, Firearm Training Simulator and Distillery Tour experiences?

Yes, you must be 11 years old and over to participate in Crime Lab and all visitors under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult. You must be 13 years old and over to participate in the Firearm Training Simulator, 13-16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult and parental consent is required for minors. You must be 21 years and over to participate in a Distillery Tour.

How do I book a Crime Lab Experience, Firearm Training Simulator or Distillery Tour?

If you’re at The Mob Museum box office, you can book your timed experience by purchasing a Premier or Deluxe pass. If you purchased a Premier or Deluxe pass online at, upon arrival to the Museum, please visit our box office to select your experience and time slot. Experiences are offered throughout the day and are capacity-based. All timed experiences are first come, first serve.