New Experience: Crime Lab

New Experience: Crime Lab

The Crime Lab will offer guests a  hands-on exploration of real-life forensics techniques. Up to 15 guests will participate in the 30-minute tour facilitated by a Museum educator and engage in interactive activities while they learn about various methods of forensic criminal investigation.

Why this experience?

Forensic science has become a popular feature of prime-time crime dramas, but what we see on TV does not always reflect how things actually work in a police crime lab. The Museum’s Crime Lab will provide an educational experience that separates fact from fiction and gives guests firsthand experiences with forensic techniques.

What will be in this new experience?

Using digital interactives and hands-on activities, guest will learn about DNA and fingerprint analysis, ballistics testing, determining cause and manner of death, and other forms of scientific police work. In the Crime Lab, guests will be immersed in the fascinating world of forensic science, which has become a key component of 21st century crime-fighting – as well as a method to exonerate the wrongly accused.

Where will this experience be located?

This new exhibit will be on the Museum’s first floor, near the current wiretapping exhibit.