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The centerpiece of the distillery is a working still, affectionately known as Virginia Still. This custom-made, copper-pot has a capacity of 60 gallons and can produce 250 750-mL jars of moonshine per week.

All of our house-distilled spirits are available for purchase in The Underground. 50 mL and 750 mL bottles of our signature moonshine is also available at all Lee’s Discount Liquor and Total Wine & More stores in Southern Nevada.


Some savvy bootleggers were successful at making moonshine that pleased the palate. Our house-distilled moonshine follows in this tradition, as authentic as it can safely get.

We make it with 100% corn and bottle it at 50% ABV.

750 ml | 375 ml | 50 ml


We blend the subtle spicy-sweetness of Ceylon cinnamon with the bolder heat of Saigon cinnamon to create an infusion featuring the flavors that have made cinnamon prized throughout human history.

750 ml | 375 ml | 50 ml


The Mob Museum serves its house-brewed beer on tap in the speakeasy. The Underground brews one barrel, the equivalent of two standard-sized kegs, for a total of
approximately 30 gallons each week.


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