The Bee’s Knees

Gin, Lemon, Jalapeno Honey


The Bee’s Knees was a popular Prohibition-era drink. Its name is an homage to dancer Bee Jackson, who is credited with popularizing the Charleston. Jackson’s exposed knees were the talk of Broadway and beyond. Our twist on the classic cocktail adds jalapeno for a little kick that’s sure to make you dance.

The Marlow

Bourbon, Sherry, Blackberry, Lemon, Rosemary


Inspired by a bourbon lover with a soft spot for sherry, this secret twist on a classic marries richness with velvety smooth textures to bring out one sexy sip packed with refreshing no-nonsense and a hint of sass.

Giggle Water

Seasonal Fruit-Infused Vodka, Lillet, Bitters, Sparkling


“Giggle Water” was one of many nicknames for illegal alcohol. Our creation combines fruit-infused vodka with Lillet plus sparkling wine similar to the French 75, a popular 1920s gin and bubbly drink. Despite being kind of fancy, you simply must giggle.

Moonshine Mayhem

Moonshine, Pineapple, Tea, Cardamom


When Al Capone moved to Miami in the late 1920s, the tropical climate inspired his in-house bartender to invent more exotic drinks. This cocktail boasts a rich palette of flavors, including pineapple, tea and cardamom. When delicate spices meet Mob Museum Moonshine, only Mayhem can result.

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