Massacre Evidence

Now on permanent display, the Massacre Evidence artifacts join one of The Mob Museum’s most important artifacts, the actual St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, against which seven associates of notorious Chicago mobster Bugs Moran gang were gunned down in 1929. Objects on display include:

• Bullets removed from the bodies of the victims.
• Bullet fragments and cartridge cases retrieved from the garage floor.
• Test bullets fired from the Tommy guns which later proved to have been used in the Massacre.
• Original coroner’s documents concerning the victims.
• Reports prepared by Dr. Calvin Goddard, forensic scientist specializing in ballistics, whose pioneering ballistics testing techniques identified the weapons used in the infamous crime.

The Museum also has an online exhibit, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre microsite found at stvalentinemassacre.org. This site includes in-depth information on all aspects of the Massacre including the historical setting, public outcry, the suspects, the victims and more.