Saturdays in September: Sip + Savor – A Blind Spirits Tasting at The Mob Museum

Date: Saturdays in September, starting September 9
Time: 2-5 p.m.
This is a timed event. Please select both time and date when signing up online.
Cost: $5 on top of all admission types

Interested in learning more about liquor?

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Museum educators will guide a blind spirits tasting while sharing a lesson on the history of Prohibition. Also learn how the spirits are made, what flavor profiles are associated with each and come away with some tasting tips that will really impress your friends next time you’re at the bar.

Do you know how to nose a spirit? Do you know what flavors to look for? Can you tell the difference between gin and rum, without knowing which is which? Or do you prefer to keep it simple—maybe order a whiskey and Coke and just enjoy?

At The Mob Museum, we want to add to your knowledge. Whatever your level of spirit education, from liquor novice to professional boozehound, pick a Saturday in September and visit the Museum to get a better understanding of the spirits that go into your cocktails.

In a blind tasting of four different spirits, your senses will be put to the test. Will your nose help you to detect subtle grain flavors? Will you be able to taste the differences between each spirit?

Guests will put their senses to the test during the 15-minute presentation, determining whether they can correctly identify gin from rum, or Scotch from bourbon.

Cost for a tasting of four spirits is $5. Note: Tips on how to impress your friends are free with the purchase of the tasting.

The event is sponsored by Johnson Brothers of Nevada.

Click the image to take a quiz and figure out which Prohibition cocktail fits your fancy.
To book your tasting, choose your date and time, then your admission type (adult, local, etc) and then select the $5 add-on.