September 26: The Russian Mafia: Unmasking a Global Menace

September 26: The Russian Mafia: Unmasking a Global Menace

Date: September 26, 2018
Time: 7 p.m.
Cost: Free for Members or with Museum admission


The Russian Mafia conjures images of violence, crime and international intrigue. But what do we really know about organized crime in Russia?

Professor Mark Galeotti is one of the foremost experts on Russian organized crime, espionage, and the Russian Mafia. His latest book, The Vory: Russia’s Super Mafia, chronicles the rise of the Russian Mafia, from Stalin’s Gulag labor camps, to the cybercriminals and gangster-businessmen operating in positions of unparalleled power.

Galeotti has studied Russia’s murky and mysterious underworld for more than 20 years. He will provide insights on the criminal roots and current affairs of one of the most misunderstood global crime networks.

Mark Galeotti will reveal the inner workings of the Russian Mafia, including:

  • Galeotti’s personal experiences with Russian criminals
  • Origination of Russian Mafia
  • Criminal rackets Russian gangsters engage in
  • Vladimir Putin’s involvement in Organized Crime
  • Threats the Russian underworld poses to the U.S. today

Galeotti will provide critical insights into how organized crime and international geopolitics really work in the 21st century. Don’t miss this enlightening presentation and book-signing.

A book signing with Galeotti will follow this program.

Free for Museum Member or with Museum admission.

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Mark Galeotti  

Mark Galeotti

Professor Mark Galeotti is an expert on Russian organized crime, espionage, and similar murky topics. He is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations Prague, and also principal director of Mayak Intelligence, his boutique consultancy. Before that, he was Professor of Global Affairs and departmental chair at New York University, Senior Lecturer in International History at Keele University in the UK, a special adviser to the attached British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and a visiting professor at Rutgers—Newark (USA), Charles University (Prague), and MGIMO (Moscow). He read history at Robinson College, Cambridge University and then took his doctorate in politics at the London School of Economics, after a brief time working in the City of London. A prolific writer, he has 15 authored and edited books to his name; his next, Vory: the story of the Russian mafia, is due out from Yale University Press in 2018. He tweets as @MarkGaleotti and also blogs at In Moscow’s Shadows.