Open now: Organized Crime Today, Use of Force Training Experience, Crime Lab Experience

Open now: Organized Crime Today, Use of Force Training Experience, Crime Lab Experience

Date: Open now
Time: Crime Lab and Use of Force Training Experiences are timed entries. RSVPs required.
Cost: Organized Crime Today exhibit included in price of admission and free for Members.
Use of Force Training Experience $12. Crime Lab Experience $7. Discounts apply when purchasing an All Access Package.

Organized Crime Today:

Visit the Organized Crime Today exhibit at The Mob Museum where you’ll see the new face of organized crime – the syndicates, the kingpins, the victims, and law enforcement’s continuing fight to keep global crime in check.

Featuring a 17-foot-wide interactive touch wall, you will be able to access up-to-date maps, text, video and photographs delving into such topics as drug cartels, human trafficking and cybercrime.

This exhibit will immerse you in the reality of the victims of modern-day slavery, exploitation and drug addiction. View artifacts from the worlds of counterfeit goods to exotic wildlife trafficking. You’ll leave understanding the impact of international organized crime on governments, commerce, and individuals in a whole new way.

Use of Force Training Experience:

Police shootings are one of the most contentious criminal justice issues in America today. They can divide communities over whether an officer was justified in using deadly force. The Use of Force Training Experience exposes guests to the types of training exercises officers undergo to be prepared for use-of-force situations.

Guests will participate in several digital and live-action scenarios requiring them to make split-second use-of-force decisions. In the live-action scenario, the guest will interact with a real person. The training activities are complemented by an exhibit exploring the statistics, philosophy and psychology of police use of force. The exhibit looks at use-of-force policies and training practices, interpret statistics on police shootings, and examine physiological and psychological aspects of use of force.

The overarching goal is for guests to gain a deeper understanding of the intensity and complexity of situations in which officers encounter real or perceived threats. Another goal is to expose guests to the various techniques officers can use to avoid using deadly force.

Crime Lab Experience:

The Crime Lab offers guests a  hands-on exploration of real-life forensics techniques. In this 25-minute experience, you will engage in interactive activities while learning about various methods of forensic criminal investigation, led by a Museum facilitator.

Forensic science is a complex discipline that encompasses more than a dozen distinct fields. Except for a few recent additions to the investigative tool kit such as DNA analysis and computer forensics, most fields trace their origins to the 19th century or before.

Within most crime labs, scientists have highly specialized expertise. Unlike what is portrayed on television, it is rarely one individual who investigates the crime scene, processes the fingerprints, analyzes the DNA and examines the trace evidence. Instead, highly specialized experts focus on one field. This leads to more efficient and effective lab results.

The Mob Museum’s Crime Lab is an immersive experience in which guests will explore five forensic fields in depth: crime scene investigation, death investigation, DNA profiling, fingerprint analysis and firearms examination. Videos, graphics, artifacts and interactive activities will provide guests with a glimpse behind the curtain at the tasks and challenges that forensic crime-fighters face every day.