June 28: Stolen Jackpots: How Slot Cheating Rings Raked in Millions

June 28: Stolen Jackpots: How Slot Cheating Rings Raked in Millions

Date: June 28, 2016
Time: 7 p.m.
Cost: $25 with 10% discount for Museum Members


Slot cheating rings managed to con casinos out of millions of dollars—until gaming investigators caught up.

Dick Charlesworth was part of a ring that ripped off millions in jackpots from the 1970-1990s. For the first time, he will spill insider secrets from his slot cheating days.

Prepare to gain rare insights into the battle between slot cheaters on one side and gaming investigators, slot machine manufacturers and consultants on the other.

As well, hear compelling stories about the uses of slot cheating devices and schemes, such as:

  • YO-YO: The godfather of all slot machine scams. Tie a string around a coin and place it in the machine until it pays out. Then pull the string and coin out of the machine and do it all over again – like a yo-yo.
  • SHAVED COINS: Slot machine makers fight back against the yo-yo scam with optic verification sensors.  But cheaters found if they lightly shaved the coin’s edges, the sensor would reject the coins. Essentially the yo-yo scam without the string.
  • MONKEY PAW: One of the first scams against computer-controlled slots. A guitar or piano string attached to a bent metal rod would fish inside the machine until it released the coin hopper, making the slot spit out money.
  • AND MORE: Light wands, the top-bottom joint, fake coins.

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