Case Files

Notable Names

For these men and women, it came down to a choice: fight to uphold the law or fight to tear it down. Learn more about the biggest players.

Pop Culture

Leave the popcorn, take the cannoli and revisit the 50 best Mob movies and TV shows.

The Exhibits

Immersive, engaging and unforgettable. It’s as close as you can get to the Mob without being asked to wear a wire.


Witness some of the most iconic one-of-a-kind artifacts and experience Mob history for yourself.

The Building

It was the setting for a historic Mob hearing in Las Vegas. It houses the largest collection of Mob and law enforcement artifacts in the country.

Digital Experiences

Roll the tape and get the inside story. Whispers and shadows. G-Men and Made Men.


The birth of the Mob and everything since. The people, the events and a look at how organized crime is evolving.

Inside the Mob Museum

The Museum presents a bold and authentic view of organized crime’s impact on Las Vegas history, as well as, its unique imprint on America and the world.