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Themes and exhibits, key artifacts and notable names reveal full story of organized crime and law enforcement

LAS VEGAS  The Mob Museum features a strong line-up of the most famous and infamous names associated with organized crime along with key artifacts that headline one of the most impressive collections of Mob history under one roof. A world-class destination in downtown Las Vegas, the Museum presents an authentic view of the battle between organized crime and law enforcement with an insider’s look at the events and people on both sides of the story.

The Mob Museum’s signature artifacts include some of the most iconic in Mob history such as the St. Valentine’s Day Wall where seven men affiliated with the Bugs Moran gang were murdered by the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone in Chicago on February 14, 1929.

Artifacts belonging to Alphonse Capone, Dion O’Bannion, George Moran, Charlie Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Ben Siegel, Sam Giancana, Joe Bonanno, Frank Rosenthal, Mickey Cohen, Moe Sedway, Tony Spilotro and John Gotti are among the hundreds of other unique and rare items in The Mob Museum. Guns, weapons, customized jewelry, personal belongings and hundreds of photographs are among the many artifacts housed within the Museum. The Museum’s interactive and highly experiential exhibits also help bring to life the fascinating stories of organized crime and those who fought against it, according to Jonathan Ullman, executive director & CEO of The Mob Museum.

Rather than starting on ground level, the visitor begins on the third floor and flows down to the lower floors. Recreating a police department environment of the 1950s, the elevator ride to the third floor is designed as part of the experience, setting the stage and engrossing the visitor in the excitement to follow. The story line then proceeds in linear sequence through history, the rise of the Mob, its arrival and development in Las Vegas, its influence in cities across the country and law enforcement efforts to counter crime.

On the second floor, the story continues in the historic courtroom of the Kefauver committee hearings and the exposure of the Mob nationally. Exhibits on the first floor deal with law enforcement and how federal officials confronted organized crime. Actual wire-tapping and surveillance systems give visitors a hands-on demonstration of the various methods used to fight crime. Interviews and documentary videos of Mob family members present multiple perspectives and invite thought-provoking debate and dialogue.

The Mob Museum is a modern-day museum – highly experiential and interactive. Fascinating stories are brought to life through one-of-a-kind artifacts, interactive touch screens and unique ways to engage with law enforcement and organized crime materials. For example, visitors can listen to real FBI surveillance tapes on wiretapping equipment and take part in FBI weapons training.

In the wiretapping interactive, visitors hear actual incriminating evidentiary wiretaps; then, they learn the significance of what is being said or decoded. They are in the seats of FBI analysts, in the same role of a law enforcement officer listening in.

Based on the Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) system used by law enforcement agencies at every level, the weapons simulator interactive allows visitors to view different real life scenarios and challenge their own perceptions and skills. Visitors are able to better understand the difficulties and dangers confronted by law enforcement officers.

Some of the subjects explored within The Mob Museum include:

The Legacy of the Mob

The Mob’s persistence today despite high profile victories.

Bringing Down the Mob

How the battle against the Mob was fought with focus on important historic and law enforcement victories, including hearings, raids, arrests and indictments for such illicit activities as money laundering, human trafficking, drug cartels, kidnappings, wiretappings, murder and more.

Notable Names in Mob History

Al Capone, Anthony Spilotro, Sam Giancana, Carlo Gambino, Bugsy Siegel, Joseph Bonanno, Moe Dalitz, John Gotti, Whitey Bulger, Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal and others.

Mob Busters

Edgar Hoover, Estes Kefauver, Eliot Ness, Elmer Irey, Joe Pistone, Harry Anslinger, Eunice Carter, The Honorable Donna Fitzsimmons, Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani and others.

Organized Crime Around the World

A look at current local and global Mob activities and discussion on its future.

Memories of the Mob

A look at “old” mobsters when they retire, go into exile, go to jail, enter the witness protection program or die.

Myth of the Mob

How the Mob has been portrayed in movies, books and pop culture and discussion on its accuracy.

Sin City

An in-depth look at Las Vegas as the ultimate “open city” that attracted mobsters following the Kefauver hearings; a tough little town that became haven and playground for American organized crime in the 1950s.

The Game Continues

Las Vegas from the 1950s to the present with focus on the Black Book, scamming and skimming, Gaming Control Board activities and Howard Hughes.

Web of Deceit

A fascinating look at Mob violence, corruption, conspiracy and murder. 

The Mob Through History

A timeline that includes the birth of the Mob, its geographic “families” around the globe, the impact of prohibition, drugs and prostitution on the Mob’s bottom line as well as how organized crime is evolving.

America Fights Back

A re-creation of the very courtroom where the proceedings of the Kefauver Committee hearings occurred. The hearings, led by U.S. Senator Estes Kefauver, were held in 14 cities, including Las Vegas, in 1950-51 and sought to expose organized crime.

The 41,000-square-foot Mob Museum includes 17,000 square feet of exhibition space on three floors in addition to a specialty retail store, special event areas, educational areas and office space.

Museum hours are:
Daily | 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

About The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a world-class destination in downtown Las Vegas dedicated to the thrilling story of organized crime and law enforcement. It presents an exciting and authentic view of the Mob’s impact on Las Vegas history and its unique imprint on the world. With tales so intriguing they need no embellishment, the Museum reveals an insider’s look at the events and people on both sides of this continuing battle. True stories of Mob history are brought to life in a bold and contemporary style via engaging exhibits and multi-sensory experiences. The Mob Museum puts the visitor in the middle of the action through high-tech theater presentations, iconic one-of-a-kind artifacts and interactive, themed environments. For more information, call 702-229-2734 or visit Connect with us on Facebook: and on Twitter:@TheMobMuseum.


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