Expanded Retail Space, Light Dining

Expanded Retail Space, Light Dining

As part of the Museum’s renovation, we will also expand the retail space with our store partner, Event Network. To accommodate the needs of our guests, The Mob Museum is also excited to begin offering light dining options in a new café space within the retail area.

Why expand the retail space and offer light dining?

The Museum’s current retail space is limited in the amount of souvenirs and clothing we are able to offer our guests. With an expanded footprint, we will have more opportunity to acquire book and clothing options, as well as home and souvenir items.

We are also excited to offer a food selection as an added amenity to our guests to enhance their overall visit to the Museum. Access to the retail store and café will not require Museum admission.

What will be in this new space?

A wide variety of clothing, home items, books and souvenirs will be available for purchase, not unlike the Museum’s current retail selections—which continue to be a hit with our guests. The café area will offer light fare, including items like paninis and salads, as well as coffee beverages.

In addition, the Museum experience will continue in the store as artifact cases are placed throughout the retail area. To include artifacts within the retail space will provide a unique way for guests to shop for souvenirs while still enjoying their Museum education.

Where will this space be located?

The expanded retail space and dining location will be in the same location as the existing retail store, though square footage will be added.