New Exhibit: Organized Crime Today

New Exhibit: Organized Crime Today

The Mob Museum currently dedicates significant time and effort into telling the stories of organized crime’s history. We now want to share with our guests the story of organized crime today, in addition to its past.

Why this exhibit?

Organized crime looks very different today than it did in the preceding century. But the primary motivation is the same: money. From Europe to South America, Africa to Asia, organized crime continues to rack up countless victims and threaten the integrity of public institutions. The exhibit will examine the major criminal rackets such as drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, money laundering and cybercrime, as well as the syndicates responsible for them around the world.

What will be in this exhibit?

The Organized Crime Today exhibit will use graphics, artifacts and interactive features to show and explain the global reach of organized crime in the 21st century and how law enforcement agencies are adapting to combat it. A 16-foot-wide touch screen will enable guests to learn about the world of organized crime today through an array of videos, photos and maps.

Where will this exhibit be located?

This new exhibit will be on the Museum’s first floor, near the current firearm simulation space and existing modern organized crime space where the Museum typically features temporary exhibits, such as FIFA, El Chapo and Outlaw Motorcyle Gangs.