New: Use-of-Force Simulator

New: Use-of-Force Simulator

The Use-of-Force Simulator will provide Museum guests with an understanding of the real-life challenges law enforcement officers face when they encounter situations that may require use of deadly force.

Why this experience?

The Use-of-Force Simulator engages guests in an intensive training experience based on the training law enforcement officers receive. Guests will participate in multiple simulated scenarios in which they will respond to real and perceived criminal threats, while encountering a mix of digital simulations and live-action scenarios. Afterward, they will reflect on what they learned from the experience in an interactive exhibit that examines actual police use-of-force cases and explores the physical and psychological factors that can influence how officers react in a critical situation.

Where will this experience be located?

This new simulator will be on the Museum’s first floor, near the current area known as the Made Men Wall.