Be The First To Drink What They Drank


Prohibition shut down America’s distilleries and breweries, but it did not eliminate people’s thirst for spirits. The Museum has created our own line of spirits available now.

Some savvy bootleggers were successful at making moonshine that pleased the palate. Our moonshine follows in this tradition, as authentic as it can safely get. We make it with 100% corn, and bottle it at 50% ABV.

The first Vodka cocktails appeared on the heels of Prohibition and cemented the spirit’s place as a barroom staple. Drink what they drank, and raise a glass of our take on this clear classic—100% corn-based Vodka crafted to be the very best of then and now.

Stock your bar with our take on these classic libations.

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Souvenir bottles only available for pick up at The Mob Museum. No online sales permitted.

Questions regarding our souvenir bottles? Please call 702-724-8634.

Drink What They Drank

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    Spirit Size Quantity
    The Underground Vodka 750ml
    The Underground Moonshine 750ml
    The Underground Vodka 50ml
    The Underground Moonshine 50ml

    * All orders must be picked up at the Museum.

    * Maximum order four 750ml per guest.