Virtual Tour FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About the Moe-Bot Virtual Tour:

I have not booked my tour

What is the Moe-Bot?

The Mob Museum has been breaking barriers in Museum technology for years—and the introduction of our new Moe-Bot, a robotic telepresence system, is just the next phase of our technological advancements. We are inviting people around the country and around the world to tour our Museum from the comfort of their own home, creating a more accessible Museum experience for all audiences. The name “Moe-Bot” is the nickname we have given our robot, which is formally known as a BeamPro (or simply Beam) from Suitable Technologies. When you see us refer to “Moe-Bot” or “Beam,” it is the same device, just different nicknames.

Who should take this tour?

Anyone around the world is welcome to take this tour! If you have a computer that fits the tech specifications (see under I have booked my tour below), this tour is for you. If you love Museums, but do not plan to visit Las Vegas in the future, this tour is for you. If you are physically unable to come to the Museum in person, but have always wanted to visit, this tour is for you. If you are doing research on the Mob in America, this tour is for you. If you’re still unsure, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

I am physically unable to attend the Museum in person and I would like information on how to receive a free virtual tour. What do I do?

At The Mob Museum, we are committed to making our collection, buildings, programs, and services accessible to all audiences. If you have special circumstances that prevent you from being able to attend the Museum in person, simply fill out our Tour Request Form and check the box indicating that you are home-bound or hospital-bound and a member of our team will contact you directly.

What will I see on this tour?

The tour will take you on a 90 minute journey through three floors of our award-winning Museum. Our tour guides/educators have developed a tour specifically for virtual use to make sure you receive the best possible experience. You will start on our third floor, where we discuss immigration into the U.S., Prohibition and the spread of organized crime. Then move on to our second floor, where you’ll learn about our historic courtroom and the Mob’s influence on Las Vegas. And finally, you’ll end on our first floor, where you’ll learn how law enforcement finally caught up with the Mob and how the Mob has lived on in pop culture. Along the way, you can ask questions and you can let us know if there is something specific you would like to focus on—just let us know when you request your tour.

Can I talk to the tour guide while I take the tour?

You can absolutely talk with your tour guide throughout your tour. This tour gives you a private Museum experience, and one-on-one interaction with our guides. If you see something that catches your eye, ask about it and our educators will be happy to give you the story behind it.

I have filled out the Tour Request Form—what do I do next?

You’ve taken the first step toward your virtual tour! Now, a member of our team will reach out to you directly to confirm your requested tour date. When your tour has been confirmed, you will be sent a link to finalize payment of your tour. Following payment, you will receive an email invitation to set up a Beam account and to download the robot’s software. And finally, you patiently await your tour date. *Note, if you are requesting a tour as a person who is physically unable to attend the Museum in person, we offer virtual tours free of charge.


I have booked my tour

Where do I begin?

After you have filled out the Tour Request Form and confirmed your tour date with our staff, you will follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link in the email invitation sent to you and set up your password. You will then install the Beam software on your computer in order to use Moe-Bot. Click on the Download button.
  • Agree to install the Beam software on your computer.
  • Please install the software at least 24 hours before your tour.
  • After creating a password and downloading the software, the Beam website will allow you to view video tutorials on how to operate the robot. We recommend you watch these tutorials to become comfortable with the controls.
  • At the time of your tour, please open the Beam software, find the robot listed “The Mob Museum” and click the connect button.
  • Your access to the robot will end after your tour has completed.
  • Please note: All communication in the Beam system is encrypted.

How do I sign into Moe-Bot and start a Moe-Bot tour?

After confirming your tour date and paying for your tour, the email you receive from our team is your invitation to sign in. Your email will provide you with sign-in instructions.

What are the system requirements?

1. User must first download the Beam software found in the link sent via email invitation to the tour.
2. Use either Mac or PC.
3. Windows 7 or higher or Macintosh OSX 10.7 or higher.
4. High quality web-cam and microphone.
5. Mouse or keyboard.
6. External speakers or headphones (headphones are recommended).
7. A strong internet connection.

How Do I Drive a Beam robot?

1. Press either the ←, ↑, →, ↓ arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D, keys. Simultaneously, holding down the Shift key will increase your speed.
2. Click and hold your mouse button over the bottom video pane. The Beam will drive in the direction of your mouse cursor. The farther your cursor is from the Beam’s base, the faster it will go.

When I drive, what do the blue lines in the bottom camera view mean?

The lines trace the path the Beam will follow when you drive.


How do I know how loud I am?

There are two ways to gauge your volume to locals:
1. Look at the mic level indicator, located in the self view area on the bottom right. For a normal environment, you want it to be in the middle of the range.
2. Simply ask your Museum educator and they will help you adjust.

Can I zoom in with the camera?

Yes. You can zoom the top camera in three ways:
1. Double-click in the video image.
2. Use your mouse’s scroll wheel over the image.
3. Drag the zoom slider in the tool bar up or down to zoom in or out. Click the button to go reset the zoom level to 0.
4. Note: The Beam will automatically un-zoom you if you move the robot while in zoom mode.

Is there a way for me to change where the top camera is pointing?

Yes. You can pan and tilt the top camera view by clicking on it and dragging it.

How do I end my tour?

There are three ways:
1. Select the “End Call” button on the far right side of the tool bar or window.
2. Sign out in the top right side and then click to close window.
3. Your access to the Moe-Bot will end when your tour has completed.