Let your students go face to face with history.

Dear Educator,

We are excited that you are planning a class visit to The Mob Museum, The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. Soon, you will be providing your students with an incredibly robust and truly unique learning experience.

The Mob Museum occupies the former federal courthouse and U.S. Post Office in downtown Las Vegas. Originally placed in service in 1933, our building is a rare and beautiful example of the Depression Era coupled with neo-classical architecture. It is considered by many as a landmark within the community. In fact, we regard it as our ultimate artifact. It is the only building within the City of Las Vegas listed on the National Register of Historic Places – and for reasons directly related to organized crime and law enforcement.

When visiting The Mob Museum, your students will embark on a journey that begins at the turn of the 20th century and ends in present day. These are true stories with many themes and educational opportunities. For example, your students will come to understand the social conditions in America that created a breeding ground for organized crime. They will learn how organized crime spread across the nation influencing the development of Las Vegas and impacting ordinary citizens from all walks of life. Along the way, your students will be exposed to the brave people and technical innovations that enabled the criminal justice system to successfully combat organized crime.

This is not the Hollywood version of organized crime. Rather, it is a factual account that relies on authentic artifacts and first-person interviews to present the truth.  Throughout the Museum, your students will be engaged by interactive exhibits and dynamic multimedia displays. Our crown jewel is the courtroom theater experience that describes the U.S. Senate investigation known as the Kefauver Committee hearings. In 1950-51, these hearings were a phenomenon that captivated the country, with one of the hearings actually taking place inside this very courtroom.

Please review the following FAQs for additional information to help organize your school trip.  You may book by completing this registration form. Or, feel free to contact our Group Sales Department at (702) 229-2713 if you require assistance.

We look forward to your visit.

Jonathan Ullman

Executive Director

School Tours and Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule a field trip to The Mob Museum?

You can schedule a field trip by contacting The Mob Museum Group Sales Department at (702) 229-2713

How much will tickets cost to bring my class to The Mob Museum?

School groups may tour The Mob Museum for a discounted ticket price of $8/student. One chaperone is required for every 10 students. Chaperones will be charged the student rate of $8.

How far in advance should I schedule a field trip?

Please schedule all field trips at least 7 days in advance.

What forms of payment are accepted when booking a field trip?

The Mob Museum accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa and school checks. Payments must be made in full at least one week prior to the visit.

Are there restrictions on group size?

The Mob Museum requests there be at least 10 students in your group.

What grades are most appropriate for a school field trip?

The Mob Museum is best suited for students grade 6 or higher.

Please Note:
A few exhibits contain graphic images and/or the use of profanity. Our Guest Services staff will alert you to these exhibits.

What does my field trip to The Mob Museum entail and how does the arrival process work?

Upon arrival, a staff member in our Guest Services Department will board the bus to make the initial greeting. Next, each student, instructor and chaperone will be given a colored wristband to be put on before entering the Museum. To prevent crowding in the Museum lobby, each student will be numbered into a group. Students will enter the Museum once their group number is called and proceed to the 3rd floor where the self-guided tour begins.

Is there a parking fee for buses?


May I visit the Museum prior to coming with my students?

Yes, teachers with a valid district ID may visit the Museum to prepare for a school field trip free of charge. However, any additional guests will be charged a full-price ticket.

Can you tell me more about specific exhibits?

Your students will find the Museum highly experiential and interactive. These
fascinating stories are brought to life through one of-a-kind artifacts, touch
screens and unique ways to engage with law enforcement and organized crime
tools.  For example, your students can take part in FBI weapons training simulation.

This is in addition to hundreds of unique and rare artifacts that will add
considerable interest. A few of our most high profile artifacts include the
barber chair where Albert Anastasia was murdered, more than 300 bricks from the
wall in Chicago where the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre occurred, guns, weapons,
customized jewelry, personal belongings of famous Mobsters and more. The tour of The Mob Museum will be one of the most talked about field trips your students will experience this year.

How long will it take to tour the Museum?

The full Museum tour can take anywhere from one to three hours depending on a person’s level of interest with each exhibit. There is a lot to read, watch, observe or interact with along the way. At times, you may need to wait a few moments before proceeding to the next exhibit if traffic flow has slowed. Exhibits may be bypassed, however please be courteous to guests directly in front of you and to those farther along in the tour.